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Written by Charlotte Ashmore
on April 19, 2022

Across Europe, the TJEP name is synonymous with quality nailers for the professional craftsman. Steel & Tube is pleased to bring TJEP’s impressive range of tools which are commonplace throughout Europe.

With a range of products on offer from gas nailers to gas staplers, there are a variety of tools on offer which all offer the convenience of being both cordless and easy to handle.

“The decision to bring this range of quality tools to the New Zealand market was an easy one. We have had customers throughout the building and fencing industries who have requested an easy to use and lightweight alternative to traditional nailer and stapler systems. It’s great that we have been able to partner with TJEP to bring a quality product to the tradespeople of New Zealand”, says Sefton Ingham, Product Specialist – Collated Products with Fortress Fasteners, a Steel & Tube brand.

Despite 100mm x 4mm nails being commonly specified on plans, the current system for hammering these nails can be both time consuming and laborious. By contrast, the TJEP GRF 34/100 is designed to shoot 100mm x 3.4mm nails and our common 90mm x 3.15mm nails which achieves significant cost savings.

Steel & Tube is pleased to offer the following TJEP products through our Fortress Fasteners brand:

  • TJEP GRF 34/100 Excellent Gas – Cordless Gas Nailer
  • TJEP GRF 34/90 3G – Cordless Gas Nailer
  • TJEP VF-16/64 Gas 3G Finish Nailer – Cordless 16G Angle Bradder
  • TJEP DA-15/64 Gas 3G Finish Nailer – Cordless 15G Angle Bradder
  • TJEP KA 4060 Gas 3G Product Nailer – Cordless Product Nailer
  • TJEP N & Q-75 Gas 3G Stapler – Cordless Stapler
  • TJEP FS-40 Gas 3G Fencing Stapler – Cordless Fencing Stapler.

To explore the TJEP range and product guide, click here.

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