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Written by Charlotte Ashmore
on April 05, 2022

Sustainable Steel Council’s (SSC) purpose is to facilitate New Zealand’s transition to a lower emission economy. Steel is a critical material in this transition as it is infinitely recyclable with zero product degradation, incredibly durable while reducing construction waste on building sites.

“Steel is the ultimate ambassador for a circular economy”, says Trent Brash, Group Sustainability Manager at Steel & Tube.

“As the steel industry, we are doing great work to reduce our impact on the environment. Steel & Tube is pleased to be a part of this”, Trent continues.

Over the past year, Steel & Tube has focused on making improvements to lessen our environmental impact. This has included increasing environmental awareness throughout our organisation, digitising our monthly hazard audit, and improving our recycling capabilities. Most recently, we have offered access to battery recycling services to all Steel & Tube employees to reduce our landfill impact both as a business and as individuals. We have also completed a barcoding project which reduced our reliance on paper while also improving traceability and efficiencies.

“I am a believer that profitability is achieved through sustainability. As a business, Steel & Tube has made many steps to effectively lead the charge in this space. By incorporating steel into our building design, we are supporting a circular economy approach that ensures materials are not being wasted when a building reaches its end of life. Steel & Tube are proud to supply materials that support the circular economy in New Zealand”, says Trent.

For Steel & Tube, we have placed a focus on driving genuine change through a culture of sustainability. At present, we are working to develop a robust sustainability strategy that provides value to our wider stakeholder groups, including the communities we operate in.

“It’s beyond just being green. It’s about driving positive community and economic outcomes through best business and manufacturing practices”, concludes Trent.

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