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Written by Andre Tjaberings
on February 12, 2023

Update 1:56 pm 28/02/2023

We’re pleased to let you know that our Steel & Tube Napier and Hastings sites are operational and ready to supply again.

We ask for your continued patience over the coming week as the Hawkes Bay community continues to face road closures and other logistical issues .  Our CX Team and Account Managers are working hard on rescheduling to minimise this delay, alternatively, you can contact your regular representative for specific order requirements.   

Steel & Tube would like to thank you for your kindness over the past two weeks and we wish all those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle a quick recovery. We continue to support our team who are assisting in their  community with the challenges head.

Our thoughts and support are with you, Kia Kaha


Update 11:40 am 17/02/2023

We are pleased to report the safety of our staff in Hawkes Bay, although many family, friends and customers have been severely impacted. Steel & Tube will continue to support wherever we can and appreciate your patience in these unprecedented times.

Our Hastings site is now operational under limited capacity due to travel in and out of the Hawkes Bay Region.

Unfortunately our Napier site will remain closed until further notice due to power outage.

Our CX Team and Account Managers will continue to communicate with our customers on pending orders.

Further updates will continue to be posted on our website as they become available, alternatively, you can contact your CX Team or Account Manager for specific order requirements.


Update 11:20 am 15/02/2023

After another 24 hours of Cyclone Gabrielle moving Southeast, we are all saddened to see the aftermath for our team and customers in the Hawkes Bay Region. Our thoughts and support are with you, Kia Kaha. 

As you will have seen in the news reports, the area has endured widespread flooding, damage from high winds and power outages, all of which have put an immense strain on roading, infrastructure and the power network, not to mention the strain and personal impacts in the community. 

Whilst our two sites in the Region (Napier & Hastings) remain undamaged, both sites will remain closed until further notice to allow our teams to assess damage and support family and friends at this time. Given the damage to infrastructure in the region we anticipate it may be some time until normal operations (and deliveries) can resume. We will provide updates as further information becomes available. 

Our Whangarei site and all other North Island sites are fully operational once again but with the logistic networks still facing road closures and backlogs, we continue to experience major delays into most North Island areas. We appreciate that this may cause some supply chain impacts in getting product to customers, but our operations teams are working as hard as they can with our logistics partners to work through those backlogs. 

To recap: 

  • Napier and Hasting Operations are Closed until further notice 
  • All other North Island Sites Open 
  • All South Island Sites Open 

Once again Steel & Tube appreciates your support as we work through these challenges, please follow this page for further updates, or alternatively please contact your CX Team or Account Manager for specific questions.  


Update 11:30 am 14/02/2023

As Cyclone Gabrielle makes its way down the country, many regions face high winds, rainfall and power outages. Steel & Tube is pleased to report the majority of our operations are continuing to operate safely.

 Solving the broader logistic problems to minimise the supply chain impact for our customers remains our priority. With continued high winds and travel conditions, many of our logistics partners are unable to provide their usual services. We are anticipating further delays in deliveries over the coming 24-48 hours. If you require a postponement of deliveries to your site, please notify your normal contact person as early as possible.

 Our Whangarei site will remain closed today and there will continue to be no transfers in or out of Northland. Additionally, we have closed our Hawkes Bay and New Plymouth branches today due to the weather impacts in those locations. We will continue to reassess the situation regularly and keep you informed. All our remaining North & South Island branches are open for business.

Steel & Tube appreciates your support as we navigate the challenges of Cyclone Gabrielle, and wish those of you affected a quick recovery. 

Please follow this page for further updates, alternatively, you can contact your CX Team or Account Manager for specific order requirements.



Update: 4:50 pm 13/02/2023

We’re continuing to monitor the current progress of Cyclone Gabrielle to help us anticipate and minimise disruption for our customers over the coming days. 

At this stage, we are planning for all our sites, including Whangarei to be operational tomorrow.  However, as the weather conditions are forecast to deteriorate this evening through to the early hours of tomorrow, this could create delays with some orders.  Please check our Website for the latest status updates for our site operations.  You can also contact your CX Team or Account Manager for specific order enquiries.  

We can advise that logistics are likely to see the greatest challenge with the deteriorating conditions creating the potential for slips, high winds, and road closures. Currently, all road deliveries North are being impacted.  Our Roofing operation in Auckland is also experiencing disruption due to the risk associated with transporting roofing products in high winds. Courier parcel flights for Long-haul & Inter-Island have also been suspended for tonight. 

We at Steel and Tube thank you in advance for your support and trust you and your teams remain safe. 

Kia Kaha

Update: 10:50 am 13/02/2023

With the safety of our team in mind, we will continue to assess the conditions and adapt our operations to ensure the safest outcomes, while minimising disruption for our customers. We anticipate conditions will deteriorate later today and result in a change of status, please check here for the most up-to-date information.

  • The harbour bridge has reopened. This is currently allowing deliveries around Auckland to continue, however, we are risk-assessing each delivery to ensure routes are safe.
  • Our Whangarei operations are closed. There will be no deliveries in or out of Whangarei until it is safe to reopen. The team will be reassessing the status later today, any further updates will be announced here. 
  • At this point of time, our trade shops can safely operate as normal. 
  • Most on-site reinforcing installation has been paused from Taupo upwards. The Reinforcing team is working closely with head contractors to ensure the safety of teams operating in exposed conditions.
  • Network outages are temporarily affecting some of our sites and locations from Bay of Plenty northwards, and this may continue over the coming days. Thank you in advance for your patience if you experience some delays as a result.
  • Our Account Managers and Customer Service team will be in touch ahead of time for any upcoming deliveries likely to be affected. If you require us to postpone deliveries to your site please notify your normal contact person as early as possible so we can endeavour to help.


Update: 8:00 pm 12/02/2023

Dear Customer,

This message relates to the impending severe weather event and current Red heavy rain and wind warnings already in place for several regions.

We will be working hard to fulfil critical orders and deliveries for customers.  We also appreciate your support to ensure that we prioritise the safety of our collective team members.

Over the coming two days, we can expect disruptions to the freight network, especially to Northland with the harbour bridge crossing already impacted.  Your Steel & Tube Account Managers and our Customer Service teams will advise of any delays to your outbound orders.  We understand that you could also be encountering other challenges in your own operations due to the weather conditions - if you require us to postpone deliveries to your site please notify your normal contact person as early as possible so we can endeavour to help.

In the interests of the safety, all customer collections are also suspended from our Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga sites.

We understand that Cyclone Gabrielle’s onset is frustrating for everyone especially after the recent flooding impacts.  We thank you in advance for your support in prioritising the safety of our teams.  We trust you and your teams remain safe and we hope that the impact of Cycle Gabrielle does not reach its potential.

Kia Kaha

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