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Written by Charlotte Ashmore
on November 25, 2021

Steel & Tube are delighted to announce our new Masterspec section 4312ST Natural Profiled Lighting is live on the platform from 1st November 2021. Fully supported by a full suite of M Docs for the various products available, the new Steel & Tube Natural Profiled Lighting section makes specifying translucent roofing easy.

Steel & Tube Natural Profiled lighting is manufactured to match Steel & Tube roofing and cladding profiles for commercial and domestic projects by two key suppliers: Ampelite and Alsynite. Each supplier’s technical documents are loaded in Masterspec M Docs and can be easily attached to your specification to create your compliance documentation.

Natural profiled lighting can be used in buildings such as logistics warehousing, manufacturing and processing plants to bring natural light into the building and to assist in reducing electricity bills. With advanced thermal and UV control options, natural profiled lighting sheets can also assist in moderating internal building temperature and the amount of UV light and quality of light entering the building. The selection of various tint options control heat and light transmission allowing between 33-80% of transmissible light depending on your requirements.

Advanced product families such as dual roof systems allow you to specify with confidence and style for sports arenas, retail centres and other buildings providing for internal comfort and attractive presentation. Controlling condensation and heat build up whilst meeting commercial fire ratings and trafficability is a breeze for these product families.

Trafficable translucent roofing sheets are reinforced with a heavy gauge woven glass mat which provides strength and protection in every direction. The overall strength of trafficable roof sheets means that safety mesh is not required. Steel & Tube’s specification team can assist you with specifications that meet both fire ratings and trafficability ratings for Ministry of Education work.

In environments with high alkalinity or acidity such as fertiliser and chemical plants, marine environments, wastewater treatment plants and in the mining industry, corrosion resistance is paramount. Steel & Tube roofing and wall cladding profiles can be made in 100% solid colour opaque fibreglass sheeting which has a similar visual appearance to profiled metal roofing and wall cladding. For extreme applications, vinyl estar resins can be incorporated to provide additional protection.

We are live and ready to help you! Explore our product portfolio on Masterspec here.

To enquire with our specification team, click here or phone us on 0800 333 247.

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